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One application of this technique, therefore, would be informing vector control measures, such as urban landscaping techniques, for leishmaniasis and other vectorborne diseases.

Here, we describe a study designed to identify plant-based feeding preferences of L.

Little is known about the feeding behavior of hematophagous insects that require plant sugar to complete their life cycles.

We studied plant feeding of Lutzomyia longipalpis sand flies, known vectors of Leishmania infantum/chagasi parasites, in a Brazilian city endemic with visceral leishmaniasis.

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Although there was little variation in measurements of abiotic factors (i.e., temperature, air velocity, relative humidity) across the sampling period, humidity was highest on the two days with lower temperatures (Day 1 and Day 4).In the vicinity of the trapping location, we identified 22 species of plants belonging to 14 families (Supplementary Table S1).