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30-Dec-2017 07:41

"I think the shipping wars and communities have taken to realize relations as well when it comes to bromance or romance, as it's been called for KJ and I, and then Lili and I.

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So how do you keep mystery when you are dating someone?

Everyone has walls up and a social “mask” that they wear to get by in the world. And everyone wants to talk about being “real” and not putting up a front, but the fact of the matter is that in today’s world EVERYONE (even the most obnoxious, honest or blunt people you know) has to have some filters and restraint in place to be a functional member of society.

Beyond that, men and women also have drives, urges and impulses within themselves that they have to suppress just to be able to carry on from day to day.

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just be on target with HOW you speak to the man and he will be deeply fascinated by you. Not much of us have something to prove so it means we have all grounded ourselves in just making a good program or trying to do the best with the material we can.

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