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08-Sep-2017 22:30

As destitute Puerto Ricans bathed in streams and waded through rivers where bridges once safely transported them in the wake of Hurricane Maria, President Trump took the opportunity to reminded the island nation of its 'tremendous debt' on Friday.Speaking at a lobbying event in the plush Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington DC, Trump said he wouldn't rest until the island's people were safe. As he spoke, people on the island continued to survive without water, food and electricity.Trump made no attempt to conceal the extent of the devastation as he spoke, saying that unlike Florida and Texas, the small island and its reeling population were in 'deep trouble'. We are dying here.' She earlier slammed the Department of Homeland Security's celebratory coverage of the relief effort, telling CNN: 'When you're drinking from a creek, it's not a good news story.'Ultimately the government of Puerto Rico will have to work with us to determine how this massive rebuilding effort will end up being one of the biggest ever – will be funded and organized. When you don't have food for a baby, it's not a good news story.'When you have to pull people down from buildings - I'm sorry, that really upsets me and frustrates me.' She was responding to DHS Secretary Elaine Duke's earlier categorization of the effort as a 'good news story'.But the transport of relief supplies has been hampered by roads rendered impassable by fallen trees or flooding.The 1,000-bed US Navy hospital ship Comfort will arrive next week, after sailing from its home port in Virginia on Friday. POTUS and Melania Trump arrived in Puerto Rico on Tuesday to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Maria — and instead of offering his support, Trump gave himself an A for the response to the natural disaster while telling local leaders they have "thrown our budget a little out of whack." He also went on to tout the 16-person death toll as low compared to the "real catastrophe" of Hurricane Katrina. (BBC) – US President Donald Trump has lifted shipping restrictions to help fuel and supplies reach storm-ravaged Puerto Rico, the White House has said.

He said that unlike the more developed states of Florida and Texas, infrastructure and systems were 'at their life's end' before Maria hit. The electrical grid and other infrastructure were already in very, very poor shape. citizens living in Puerto Rico are struggling to get clean water, food, gasoline, and other supplies.'That effort is going very very well,' Trump said. Anyone who is willing to take them across the island to the most remote and hardest-hit pockets face dangerous, impassable roads.

On Friday, he complained that he wasn't being treated fairly and that his administration was doing a 'great job'. On Thursday, he waived the 1920 Jones Act, an archaic shipping law which prevented foreign flagged ships from delivering goods to US ports.